Our History

Palais De Danse was famous in the early part of last Century for being the place for Ballroom dance in key cities around the world.  London, Melbourne, Berlin  And now Dubai have its own Palais de Danse, bringing back the excitement and romance of yesteryear, where men are Gentlemen, leaders on the dance floor and women are Ladies: beautiful , delicate and feminine.
Victor and Yulia Harris , the Founders of PdD ,  met in Dubai in 2006. It was not an easy task to find a dance coach in the city back then to choreograph their wedding waltz,  and they never thought, Ballroom dancing will become a big part of their life soon.  “We’ve made PdD our second home, where all our dancers/clients and friends are welcome - for a dance, coffee, party or a show. 

Our own costume atelier is packed with Historical and Ballroom dresses as we Love to celebrate Life, dancing at Palais de Danse  .”



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Meet your wonderful staff


Dance Coaches


Artur Golubenkov

Our studio manager and dance instructor with over 25 years of dance experience. Artur’s dance career began extremely early on and he quickly succeeded. At an early age, he became the Ukrainian vice-champion in the individual dance program and earned the title of master of sports of Ukraine.

In youth, Artur continued his career in Sevastopol dance theater. As a member of the team, he became multiple champions of Ukraine and Russia. Within the program of ballroom formation, he was awarded high rank of the honored artist of Crimea, master of the stage. He graduated from international Kyiv art university. As a member of the theater troupe, he advanced on a became choreographer, on which he creates his own shows and performs on the biggest stages of the world; shanghai grand scene, palace de congress, Paris. Now in days, Artur continues his dance career as a professional dancer, coach, and choreographer.

“Ballroom dance is an artistic sport with a spirit of rivalry, victory, and grace of art”.“I will be very glad to share this idea with everyone who wishes to join the magic world of dance”.

tania pro (1).png

Tania Vostroknutova

Tania began her dance journey over 10 years ago in her home country of Russia. She has danced on international stages in Canada, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, and is now here to share her experience with you as one of our professional dance coaches.

Having a successful competitive dance career by the age of 17, Tania became a member of the ‘Yelizarov Dance Theater’ and became the Russian Champion in the Ballroom Formation Program. Soon after, Tania earned the title of ‘Honored Artist of Crimea’ while being a soloist at the theater. She is an experienced coach, competitor, performer.


sergey borushko

Sergey is one of our professional dance instructors and designated ‘Latin Master’. He has over 18 years of dance experience and specializes in Hip Hop and Latin-American Dancing. His dance career began at the age of 6 in Ukraine, and as a result of his hard work and dedication, reached international heights dancing in Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Sergey is an accomplished competitor and is the former Ukrainian Champion in Amateur Latin, a finalist at the European Championship, and a quarterfinalist at Paris Worlds (WDC AL Disney). As a result of his success in a broad range of dance programs, Sergey earned the title of the Candidate Master of Sports. He is a professional competitor and instructor and looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your dance goals.




anna ryabova

Anna is one of our two studio administrators. Her background lies in hotel and restaurant management. Nevertheless, she shares a deep admiration for the arts; as she graduated from music school and is currently learning how to dance. Most importantly, she enjoys watching you grow artistically and looks forward to greeting at the door.


Ross Valino

Ross is our in-house photo/videographer. His academic background lies in AV psychology. However, he has always had a passion for photography. You can find his work all over our website and social media pages. He is a critical member of the team and will surely be greeted with your camera if you desire so…

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