Standard Ballroom dance lessons in Dubai

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Standard Ballroom dance – an exquisite collection of partner dances that embodies sophistication and grace. As the dance unfolds, gentlemen don refined evening suits complete with coattails, waistcoats, and pristine white bow ties, harmonizing perfectly with the resplendent gowns adorning the ladies. The dancers remain intimately entwined in a poised embrace throughout their performance, their every movement a study in elegance and fluidity.

Prepare to embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Ballroom dance at Palais de Danse Dance Studio, situated right here in the heart of Dubai. Our meticulously designed Standard Ballroom classes beckon both novice and seasoned dancers, offering a comprehensive curriculum that spans from beginner to advanced levels.

Within the embrace of our dance studio, you'll discover the artistry of renowned Ballroom dances, including the enchanting Waltz, the passionate Tango, the whirlwind Viennese Waltz, the suave Slow Foxtrot, and the vivacious Quickstep. Whether you're taking your first steps onto the dance floor or seeking to refine your advanced techniques, our skilled instructors will guide you with expertise and enthusiasm.

Are you and your partner seeking to revel in the joys of dance together? Our Ballroom for couples sessions offer an intimate exploration of movement and connection, allowing you both to harmonize your steps and hearts.

But our dedication to the art of dance doesn't stop at adults. We extend our passion for Ballroom dance to the younger generation, with specially crafted classes catering to budding dancers. If you're searching for "ballroom dance lessons near me," your quest ends here. Join us at Palais de Danse Dance Studio and unlock a world where the rhythmic sway of music meets the eloquence of movement.

Elevate your dance journey with the best Ballroom classes in Dubai. Palais de Danse Dance Studio stands as a testament to our commitment to the art form, and we invite you to join our community and explore the magic of Ballroom dance like never before. Embark on this enchanting adventure today!

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Private ballroom classes in dubai helps you to develop your dance skills to the highest level whiten shortest possible time. Providing you sense of privacy, you can meet your dance instructor and together improve your dance skills and build confidence.
At Palais de Danse dance studio we believe that every student is unique. With that believe, our incredible dance instructors will prepare unique (personalized) dance program for every student. With your personalized ballroom dance lessons in Dubai you can monitor your development and set your own tempo for every dance skill. 

Choose among variety of dance styles:

Learn Latin American dance style:
Learn how to dance Social dances:

To start your dance journey all you need is to contact us! You can join by yourself or together with your partner. All you need to bring is your smile and pair of comfy shoes!

With our professional dance instructors. Through fun and socializing, at beginning of your dance journey you will learn basics of most popular dances. With bronze, silver and gold level you will increase your knowledge with more steps and dance figures.

Learning how to dance is easy and with us you will receive confidence to step on the dance floor at any moment and show your skills to your friends and family.

At Palais de Danse all generations are welcome. Bring your love for music and dancing and we will teach you how to move and become a dance star. Our mission is to promote an interest in ballroom dancing , to create a physical and social environment that encourages people to participate actively in Ballroom dancing as a competitive Sport as a recreational and social activity, and as a performing art.

Positive effects of dancing:

  • Get beautiful Posture
  • Increase self-esteem, self confidence
  • Lose weight
  • Increase Energy level
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Balance better
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Improve general endurance
  • Boost Endorphin and Serotonin - the hormones of Happiness
  • Find new friends, meet interesting people

To start to Dance you do not have to do splits, have an athletic physique and the perfect sense of rhythm. All that is needed is your body, emotions and music; the rest is our Professional dance coaches’ responsibility - they will take you by the hand and guide you through the wonderful and diverse world of Dance towards the goals you are aim to achieve: either to train regularly for competition or simply to keep active, fit and have fun!

At Palais de Danse dance studio we offer unique ballroom dance lessons in Dubai for you and your closest friends and family. Create your own private dance group, choose people with whom you will share all your passion for dance and music. And our professional dance team will do the rest.

Choose the instructor of ballroom dance in Dubai who shares your passion and together create the plan and program for you and your chosen dance family.

The lesson is private and you can make a combination from our dance selection. Start with passionate Rumba, mix it with cheeky Cha Cha and wrap it up with some Cuban motion from Salsa- or do a bigger twist and mix both Latin dance styleand Standard (Ballroom) dance styl. Everything is possible!

Don’t wait, start your dance journey today! Our mission is to promote an interest in ballroom dancing, to create a physical and social environment that encourages people to participate actively in Ballroom dancing as a competitive Sport as a recreational and social activity, and as a performing art.

Contact us today, we are here to answer all of your questions! Or you can check our FAQ page for more information about our teachings and benefits.

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