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Dance is useful for children for several reasons: it helps to maintain proper posture, improves coordination of movements, builds a sense of rhythm and introduces different types of music, and encourages socializing and teamwork.

In kids dance classes Dubai, children develop grace and their own unique style. An ideal sports and recreational activity is a combination of art and sports.

During the course, we organize creative dance workshops and parents can follow the progress of their children in public lessons. Students of our dance lessons for kids have the opportunity to participate in public performances, competitions, plays, and events.

When and how to Begin the first dance lessons for kids

You made the first step by choosing Palais de Danse dance school. We offer to every new child introductory private dance lessons and/or FREE group class. On the first private dance lesson together with our specialized dance choreographer, you will make the best plan for your child.

At Palais de Danse dance studio, we follow international dance rating system and learning process. Your kids will start in category E, which includes basic knowledge of Ballroom dances such as Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Quickstep.

To every child we offer opportunities to demonstrate their dance knowledge performing at the dance showcase or/and dance competition as a couple or in solo dance category.

How to schedule your first dance class for your child

Your dance coach, as well as the entire Palais de Danse team, is here to support you and your children throughout the entire process – from learning their very first dance steps to conquering their nerves and feeling comfortable dancing in front of friends and family.

Choose most convenient way to schedule first dance lesson for kids with us

Dance syllabus for International Latin, Ballroom (standard) dance style

At our dance studio ( Palais de Danse ) we follow dance syllabus approved by the top dance organizations and organizers of the leading dance competitions in the world.

Your child will receive the best knowledge of the dance industry. To get familiar with the dance syllabus kindly download PDF files below:

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ballroom dance instructor in Dubai
ballroom dance instructor in Dubai
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