Destination to Dance

A Dancer Facial Expression Demonstrates Knowledge And Passion For The Dance Art.When A Dancer Becomes The Dance Style Itself, There Is No Greater Sight In This World!”

Palais de Danse was famous in the early part of last century for being the place for Ballroom dance in key cities around the world. London, Melbourne, Berlin and now Dubai have its own Palais de Danse, bringing back the excitements and romance of yesteryear, where man are Gentlemen, leaders on the dance floor and women are Ladies; delicate and feminine.

Victor and Yulia Harris, the Founders of PdD, met in Dubai in 2006. It was not an easy task to find a dance coach in the city back then to choreograph their wedding waltz, and they never thought, Ballroom dancing will became a big part of their life soon.

"we've made PdD our second home, where all our dancers/clients and friends are welcome - for a dance, coffee, party or a show.

Our own costume atelier is packed with Historical and Ballroom dresses as we Love to celebrate Life, dancing at Palais de Danse."


Recreational dance with a partner


Express your feelings through dance


Dance your cares away

Palais de Danse, the premier Ballroom Dance studio destination in the UAE, is “The Place to Dance in Dubai” for Ballroom, Latin Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, Argentinian Tango, and many more on Dubai’s Largest Ballroom Dance floor and Dance studio with the Best coaches and facilities. The highly talented and professional coaches will guide you, take you by the hand, dance with you and share all mysteries of the Dance world.

Discover where your heart dances with Happiness!

Dancing has many ways of transforming your life style. It can either be maintaining a straight and elegant posture or it can maintain and keep your body fat at your targeted weight. Whatever you desire dancing can be impactful for your everyday lifestyle! Palais de Danse has many options available for private, Group Private and group sessions. Join our dance studio to explore the wonders and happiness of dance.

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