Gemma | Colorama Event | Palais de Danse dance studio

Dance is the rhythmic movement of the body, usually in harmony with the music and in a limited space with the aim of expressing ideas or emotions, releasing energy, or simply enjoying the movement itself.

Dance seems to be one of the oldest arts, and it is present in virtually every culture in the world. Dance motifs can be a ritual, ceremonial, liturgical, magical, theatrical, social, aesthetic…Learning how to dance is easy and with the right dance instructor, you can learn how to dance in no time. 

At Palais de Danse dance studio in Dubai, we offer over 16 dance styles, Our dance classes are design to suit every beginner, advanced or professional dancer. And the fun starts with your first dance lesson, where you will be introduced to different dance styles and you can, together with your dance instructor, create the best dance program for you.