Street Dance

Street Dance is a mixture of various dance genres and styles, ranging from hip hop style to break dance. Street Dance was born on the streets of cities, noisy roads and includes elements of jazz and classical dance. Rapid impulsive movements, unexpected transitions from a fast rhythm to smooth motion and unanticipated fading are common for this style.. Street Dance can be danced either as a couple or as one, or in the circle of the same admirers of modern dance. Incendiary music, simplicity and relaxed movements will not leave anyone indifferent who came to the festival or the Street Dance battle. These dances are very good to develop the motor coordination, mechanical memory, strengthening the arms and legs muscles. In addition, you will learn to control your body, get self-confidence and get rid of negative energy, splashing your emotions out. The popularity of this dance style among the youth of all countries is enormous. The elements of Street Dance are used in creating the stage choreography for the most popular world-famous musical performers.


Social dance style

Street dance


A deep dive into history

Street Dance originated in the 70s of the last century in the poor neighbourhoods of New York (Bronx ) and Los Angeles. For training dancers used to use hardboard sheet, laid out on the streets. Young people stood in a circle around this spontaneous micro-scene and in turns showed their achievements to their friends, mastering  rather complex, acrobatic-rich street dances.



Street Dance