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To start Dancing you do not have to do splits, have athletic physique and the perfect sense of rhythm. All that is needed is your body, emotions and music; the rest is our Professional coaches responsibility - they will take you by the hand and guid you through the wonderful and diverse world of Dance towards the goals you are aim to achieve: either to train regularly for competition or simply to keep active, fit and have fun! Once you dance, you’re a dancer. So get started!

Choose one of the Social program designed for everybody. Dances you may choose are :

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Latin American dances generate an incomparable, emotional outburst. This impetuous and swift dance for temperamental, excitable natures ( individuals ). Latin American dances are fairly democratic- you can come with your partner or dance solo. Skimpy costumes for women and tight-fitting ones for men. Close, semi-open and open figures are danced. Hip action and athletic and balletic maneuvers are common.

The Latin American program includes 5 basic dances:

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In the past, Ballroom dancing was a dance for the privileged strata of society. Then the “class frontiers “ were erased, and it become accessible to all. Ballroom dancing is currently very popular all over the world, especially in the form of a Dance Sport. Ballroom dance is a set of partner dances; men typically wear evening suits ( cocktails, waistcoats and white bow ties ) while women wear gowns. Partners remain in closed position thorough the dance, and movements tend to be elegant and sweeping.

International Ballroom ( or Standard ) category consists of the 5 following dances: