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Rumba dance style can be portrait as a love story between a male and female. The Rumba is a flow dependent dance style with sensual movements integrated within each steps. The Rumba is widely popular around the world as wedding dance and part of the Latin Dance Competitions. Rumba requires a good mutual connection between the partners to perfect the sensual flow of this dance style. The Rumba has emphasis on the female body movement in which seamless creating a scene full of passion. The Cuban hip motion is crucial element to the Rumba. Making a horizontal 8 with their hips while moving the hip up and down, while also straightening and bending of the knees.

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Latin ballroom dance style



A deep dive into history

Rumba is the slowest dance style out of all the Latin ballroom. The first appearances of Rumba was in Cuba in the early 1920s. These rhythms were remembered by the earliest African people transported unwillingly to Cuba. The Rumba requires a good sense of rhythm and also persistence to master the technical niceties which tend to be skipped by less skilled dancers. These niceties come as a result of good balance and coordinated movement of the ankles, knees and hips. Continual training will enable dancers to perform the Rumba in unison.





Rumba Preview