Dance as Fire | Rome

Rome Cavalieri
01 - 03.04.2022

During the past editions we got excited, had fun and shared unforgettable moments with dancers from all over the world. From 1 to 3 April 2022 the DANCE AS FIRE CHAMPIONSHIP returns, the world’s hottest dance competition for those who choose to dream, act and dance big! An enchanting place will host the competition, the Hilton dei Cavalieri Hotel in Rome, a piece of history, refined, comfortable and perfect to enjoy the wonderful music that will accompany the competition’s days. Dance floors, top level judges and above all a lot of energy: we have been competing for years but now it’s your turn to follow your dreams and live a unique experience.


Student Teacher / Pro-Am in the following disciplines: International Ballroom and Latin, Argentine Specialties, Smooth and Rhythm, Caribbean.

Junior / Youth / Amateur / Rising Star / Senior in the following disciplines: International Ballroom and Latin.

Professional and Professional Rising Star in the following disciplines: International Ballroom and Latin, Smooth and Rhythm.


April 1

International Training with Groups and Individual sessions

April 2

Pro-Am St. / Professional-Latin / Rising Star Pro. Lt. / Amateur St. / Youth U21 Latin / U12-14-16 St. Latin / Pro-Smooth / Over40 Pro-Latin / Pro-Am Rhythm / Student-Teacher Latin / Student-Teacher Smooth / Rising Star Am. St. / U16 Latin / Senior Ballroom-Latin 1-2 / Solo Rhythm-St-Specialities / Beginner C-D all categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

April 3

Single U16 / Professional-St. / Pro-Am Latin / Youth U21 St / Pro-Rhythm / Pro-Am Smooth / Solo Smooth / Solo Latin / Amateur Latin / Over40 Prof-St. / Student-Teacher St. / Rising Star Pro. St. / Rising Star Am. Latin / Solo Specialities / Senior  St. / Latin 3-4

Flight details:
Price in AED:
hotel details:
Rome Cavalieri
Price in AED:
pdd fees:
Price per Entry:
AED 100
Price per teacher per Day:
AED 2,200
total is dived with total amount of students per teacher
Daily allowance (international comps):
AED 210 (€50)
total is dived with total amount of students per teacher
Hotel fees (per night):
total is dived with total amount of students per teacher
Flight ticket:
total is dived with total amount of students per teacher

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* Palais de Danse dance studio is not responsible for changes in Flight prices! We advise you to check the flight and hotel prices on the day of the registration! 

** Palais de Danse dance studio is not responsible for changes in Hotel prices! We advise you to check the flight and hotel prices on the day of the registration! 

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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ -Proam dance world

What is ProAm?

Professional-Amateur is a phenomenon widespread all over the world in ballroom dancing, which is developing with an explosion! A pair of dancers, consisting of a professional teacher (Professional) and a student (Amateur), have the opportunity not only to dance and train in the hall, but also to take part in luxurious dance tournaments and festivals. Pro-Am competitions are held both as part of sports ballroom dancing tournaments and as independent events.
The motto of the entire Pro-Am movement is "Energy of a Happy Life".
The main idea of ​​the movement is to develop ballroom dance not only for a narrow circle of professional dancers, but also for society as a whole. What is it that attracts more and more people to the passion for ballroom dancing Pro-Am?

Schedule for Upcoming Dance Competitions?

Full schedule for upcoming dance competitions will be announced on our Website under Pro/Am Section or clicking HERE

How to register for dance competition with my teacher?

Using the “SIGN UP” button you can add your name for the competition of your choice.
Once your sign up you will be added on the wish list and receive email confirmation.

What is the maximum and minimum number of students per teacher?

Maximum number of students per teacher:
- Local dance competitions: 7 students 
- International dance competition: 4 students

Minimum number of students per teacher:
- Local and International: 3 students 

If only single student (or 2 students) is interested in competition
contact manager of the studio

Testing the dance floor of the competition - is it possible and how?

Practice in the venue (if possible) will be organized by the studio and information about the timings will be sent to each student individually.

How to organize Hair and Make up for dance competition?

Information about Hair and Make up will be uploaded on our website (including contact details).

Every dance competition has dedicated Hair and Make up stylist. To insure your booking we advise you to contact them ASAP and arrange timing that suit you the most.
Our professional team will assist you in bookings.

What are hotel recommendations when going to a competition? 

Organizers of the ProAm competitions most of the time include hotel packages in the program. Usually hotels they recommend are the same hotels where competition will be held.

Our team will add few more hotel, so you have option to chose the one that suit you the most! 

Flight information - to dance competition?

We are include all the Flights informations for each competition individually.
*flight ticket may vary depending on the date of the purchase and/or load.

Do you organize sightseeing?

One of the most amazing parts of doing international dance competitions is exploring the city with your team.

Palais de Danse team will prepare sightseeing plan and program for every destination. Only thing you have to do is put the smile on your face, charge your phone and enjoy! 

What if I need Visa for country where competition is held?

All visa requirements will be uploaded on our website. Kindly follow this link to find out more.

If necessary, organizers will provide Invitation letter for all registered dancers

Can I know estimated price per dance competition?

You can check our Pro/Am competition calculator to get approximately prices. Simple chose your dance competition HERE and scroll to calculator section.

Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at

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