The Paso Doble is an arrogant dance style which is a simulation of the Spanish bullfight. The PasoDoble literal text is define in Spanish as Two step. It’s one of the five dance style in the international Latin ballroom. The Pasodoble is more of a charge up and discharge dance style with slow and explosive moves.

Pasodoble is one of the most dramatic dance style within all the spectrum of dance styles. It’s also a sequence dance, which means it goes through 3 different accents(Acts). All of the dance moves should be explosive and sharp always with their chest held high to show arrogance to the crowd. Pasodoble is a dance style that require role-playing between a man and female. The man is present as “El Matador - Bull Fighter” and the woman can be represented as his cape or the “Carmen - Gypsy Woman”. The Matador must have strong posture and position while the woman can presented as an extension to his cape.


Latin ballroom dance style


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A deep dive into history

Paso doble originated in Southern France, in which later was adopted by the Spaniards. The famous Spanish Bullfight revolutionized the dance style and sky rocketed to fame. Although there is not a lot of recorded history written about the Paso Doble dance, there are some shared beliefs about the dance’s origins and evolution. The Paso Doble is a passionate dance based on a Spanish bullfight. The leader represents the proud Spanish matador and the woman or follower is the Matador’s cape.





Pasodoble Preview