What is it like to dance Jive? Some say a rollercoaster of excitement and energy. This dance style is perform with a high tempo pattern and involves lots of hip movement and footwork. Jive is a very energetic dance style, with dance moves like swing, kicking and jumping at a fast rate. The Jive is consider to be the fastest dance style in the Latin Ballroom Program. If you’re interested in Elvis Presley and Chuck Barry music this dance is for you.


Latin ballroom dance style



A deep dive into history

One of the fastest and most energetic dances, the jive developed throughout the 20th century and has been influenced by numerous different styles, which are reflected in the choreography danced today. The earliest origins of the jive, like many other Latin American dances, were the native dances of the African-American slaves with triple and single steps. Their music contained strong drumbeats, which had hints of jive rhythms.





Jive Preview