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what we offer

learn how to dance, with palais de danse! 


Book your first introductory dance lesson and together with our professional dance coach find the best dance style for you. Choose from over 16 dance styles we offer, learn how to dance, lead and follow your partner.

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Our dance studio offers group sessions for adults and for kids. Learn your favorite dance and meet new people. If you are beginner or you are on more advance level, our dance studio offers group dance sessions for every level and age.

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it will be our pleasure to assist you in creating your first wedding dance. Our instructors have more than 5 years of experience of creating unique and mesmerizing dance routines. Don't worry if you don't have your song, we have gallery of songs just for you.

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You are Event planner and you need space for your Event. Palais de Danse offer 4 different ballroom for you to choose from. All ballrooms are fully equipped with professional lighting system, music system, piano, cafe, and many other that will help your event to look unique and professional.

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dance styles

choose your favorite dance and start dancing with PDD
couple dancing latin american dances in dance costumes


Latin American dance style, varies from romantic and passionate Rumba, cheeky Cha Cha all the way to powerful Paso Doble. Other dances in this group are Jive and Samba.

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couple dancing ballroom in dance costumes


Ballroom dance is currently very popular all over the world, especially in the form of  a Dance Sport. Dances you will learn in Ballroom are Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep.

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Learn how to dance one of the most popular dances in the world. Take your partner for the hand and learn with us how to dance Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango and many more social dances popular all over the world.

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Meet our team

professional dance instructors at palais de danse
Mariia professional dance instructor

Mariia Prskurnina

Professional Ballroom dance instructor

Mariia is a professional 10 dance instructor who has been dancing for more than 15 years. She has began the career in Kharkiv, Ukraine and successfully continued in Germany representing this country on WDSF competitions. She is a Master of Sport in Ukraine, finalist of International and German Championships and was a member of German National Team.

Her biggest achievements on the competitions are quarter final of World Championship in Italy, final of German Championship and 2nd place on the International Open in Belgium.

Mariia believes that everyone can become a dancer if the person has enough of desire and passion to it!

Sergey professional dance instructor

Sergey Borushko

Professional Latin American dance instructor

Sergey is one of our professional dance instructors and designated ‘Latin Master’. He has over 18 years of dance experience and specializes in Hip Hop and Latin-American Dancing.
His dance career began at the age of 6 in Ukraine, and as a result of his hard work and dedication, reached international heights dancing in Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Sergey is an accomplished competitor and is the former Ukrainian Champion in Amateur Latin, a finalist at the European Championship, and a quarterfinalist at Paris Worlds (WDC AL Disney).
He is a professional competitor and instructor and looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your dance goals.

Anton professional dance instructor

Anton Lenytskyi

Professional Ballroom dance instructor

Two-time world champion of Ukraine in Latin-American dances, Winner of German Standard Championship in Mannheim.Anton, started his professional dance career in his home town Kharkiv, where together with his partner at the time became Ukraine champions and slowly started to participate internationally and win hearts of many judges, who later coached them and supported their dance career.
In 2009, Anton opened his 1st dance studio in Ukraine. Where he was teaching kids to become world champions, adults to win their fears of performing on the stage, preparing mesmerizing wedding dance routines that stayed forever in hearts of those who seen them.
Why dancing?
Trying many sports in his youth, dancing was the only sport that beside physical benefits it opened his mind ,and helped him develop other talents. He learned how to control his emotions, and how to express them. He says because of the dance, he is better person, husband and father today!

Pavel professional dance instructor

Pavel Gurov

Professional Latin American dance instructor

I've been in the dance industry for 13 years. During this time, I managed to become a multiple finalist of Ukrainian and foreign tournaments:  
- Winner of the Kiev Open Cup;  
- Winner of the international tournament "Ukr Dance Cup";
- Quarterfinalist of the "Autumn Moscow Cup 2019"
Trained with the best teachers in the world and Ukraine - Evgeny Smagin, Polina Kazachenko, Alex Ivanets, Alexander Gaidash, Kirill Vasyuk, Anjello Trovato, Igor Gutovsky;

Dancing is the meaning of my life! I've always seen myself in this area. Now when I've come such a long way in dancing, I want to pass on my knowledge to my students!

Vlad professional dance instructor

Vlad Kudin

Professional Ballroom dance instructor

Vlad is professional ballroom dancer, with title “Master of Sports”-WDC Federation. Started his dance career with age of 4, he won many local and regional dance competitions. Within 17 years of hard work and help of many famous Ballroom dance coaches around the world, Vlad became World Champion in Ballroom organized by WDC dance federation in Paris. He continued competing, winning many European dance titles and placing in finals of Blackpool dance festival.
Moving his career from Ballroom to American Smoot, continued winning European Dance Championship.
To achieve all of this, Vlad had have help with top teachers in the world and some of those names are: Lukasz Tomczak , Sergio Russo , Stas Portanenko , Maksim Bulaniy , Massimo Giorgianni.

Zaur professional dance instructor

Zaur Mammadov

Professional Social dance instructor

Zaur, performer, and dance instructor. Started his journey with martial arts professionally participating in competitions and winning regional and country championships.
But for him, first passion was art. An art of understanding the body movement, the art of understanding himself moving with the music. He showed his interest in music and dance early age, dancing and performing in Baku, Zaur’s place of birth. In his dance career, you had a pleasure performing in many dance projects like Riyadh season, Baku Formula 1, Musicals, and many more.
With years Zaur started to explore the connection between his 3 passions: Dance, Music, and martial arts, that same connection moved him further to explore, where he discovered his love for Contemporary dance style and Argentine tango.
Having more than 10 years of experience in teaching, he is voted one of the top dance coaches for Contemporary and Argentine tango dance style. In Zaur’s words, dancing is a consequence of music, it is a dialog with you and inner you. There is no difference if you dance alone or with your partner, as when you dance you need to find yourself in your partner and partner in you. Dancing is a way of loving yourself, understanding, and loving yourself will help you to except and love everything that surrounds you.