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Just thinking about the Foxtrot, the velvety voice of the inimitable Andy Williams begins to sound in my head. His imperishable hits forever entered the compilation of the best songs for one of the brightest, extravagant and gentle at the same time dances. Foxtrot combines the spirit of the jazz era of America of the 1920s and the atmosphere of European balls. This is a dream dance! The dream of everyone who wants to master the ease, freedom of movement in a crowded room, a kind of dribbling and incredible manoeuvrability. Continuous, smooth forward movement, sliding steps, lightness. Foxtrot is composed of fairly simple walking steps and not difficult to learn.

History of Foxtrot

Some sources says Foxtrot was named by a vaudeville performer Harry Fox in 1914. According to others, the name of the Foxtrot dance, which means “fox walk”, “fox’s trot”  was given  for a special style and manner of performance. Since only foxes supposedly have an unusual gait among animals when the legs are put in one line (next to the next). 


Training Options Available

  • Groups - (please, see our Group training schedule) or create your own Private group of friends, choose your own time and day.

  • Private training - one on one with the Instructor.

  • M/F Instructors to choose.

  • Main Ballroom or separate cosy studio for private sessions and small groups. 


Course Info

There are following Levels of dancing, defining proficiency levels, you can choose from based on your current dance skills:

  • Beginner

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Scholarship  

Each Level consists different syllabus figures, which provide a training framework for the dancer. One does Bronze, then Silver, then Gold and then the most advanced Level - Scholarship. 

Your skill Level will increase the more you participate in trainings and practice the Dance Sport. 

Instructors Available

All our Dance trainers are award winners in their home countries, specialists in 10 dances of International European dance program and other forms of Dance,  will guide you through a variety of Dance styles and  bring to the heights of the dancing skills. To raise your dancing level to an even Higher standard,- Isaia Berardi & Cinzia Birarelli, multiple International Dance champions , top 10 dancers in the World,  mentors of our team, come to Palais de Danse from Italy on a regular basis.


Suggestions To Other Dance Styles