Keep Fit - Stretching group class in Dubai

group stretching lesson in dubai

Do you work all day and struggle with back pain? Was the split your childhood dream? Do you want to have a toned body without getting too “bulky” in the gym? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes then you definitely need to join Mariia’s Stretching group! 

What will you gain from the Stretching session? 

  • Strong and toned muscles that will make you feel active and protect you from injuries.
  • Flexibility is one of the main points of a healthy life. Practice your backbends, splits, and balance with the guides of a professional instructor.
  • Positive energy is exactly what you feel during the session and after. Enjoy the music, dance community, and studios’ facilities. 

How to schedule Stretching class at Palais de Danse

Take group fitness classes to a new level, join our Stretching group class using the link below. Or send us a text using the WhatsApp button at the bottom right corner of the page