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Dance can influence not only the body. It can change your thoughts, attitudes towards yourself and others. Join Palais De Danse dance studios group session of your choice! You may choose Beginner group dance session or together with your friends create you own Private group session. Together with our professional team of coaches you can prepare for any social event or be part of our Events.

Private dance sessions

The highly talented and professional coaches will guide you, take you by the hand, dance with you and share all mysteries of the dance world. Professional team of coaches is here to assist you in achieving your dance goals, is it your Wedding dance, Competition or you want to shine on the dance floor of a club, our team of dance coaches will help you to that in the most stunning dance studio in Dubai, UAE.

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first wedding dance

Regardless of your previous dance experience, our dedicated Team of Professionals coaches will work with you to create a personalized Wedding Dance that allows you to shine your brightest —anything from a few killer moves to a fully choreographed dance.



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Coffee and dancing is life! Join us in our dance studio for a astonishing cup of coffee and right after straight to the dance floor. The most delightful tasting cup of coffee and tea in our dance studio. If you’re lack of inspiration or you want simply to rest and enjoy the view on our stunning dance floor and enjoy some dance magic, Palais de Danse cafe is place for you! Our professional team of baristas will create an unique coffee flavor just for you. Let us be a part of your special day, promotion at work, engagement or your birthday day! No better way to spend your day, but with Palais de Danse dance studio!

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Dance floor

Palais De Danse not only features the largest and best solid maple sprung dance floor in the region but takes Dance studios to a whole new level. The place is a fusion of classic antiques and latest facilities for all types of DanceSport disciplines. Dance studio with the biggest dance floor in Dubai welcomes all dancers and artists. Palais de Danse dance studio offers 4 different room for your dance sport activities and more then 400 square meters of dance space. But where it gets really interesting is fully equipped changing rooms with personalized wooden lockers, Hollywood mirrors and astonishing designed showers.



At Palais de Danse we have more than 100 dresses to choose from including the most modern Latin and Ballroom outfits for all different sizes and tastes. But where it gets really interesting is our historical dresses where we have dresses sourced from a master dress maker in Venice Italy who has been supplying the Venice carnival for more than 300 hundred years. The detail and designs will simply take your breath away and the radiating smile from all who try them on in contagious. Amazing dresses have also been acquired from the theater in St Petersburg, Russia from classic operas and plays from before the Russian Revolution.

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Ladies Solo Tango Style

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“A dancer facial expression demonstrates knowledge and passion for the dance art.

When a dancer becomes the dance style itself, there is no greater sight in this world!”

Palais de Danse, the premier Ballroom Dance studio destination in the UAE, is “The Place to Dance in Dubai” for Ballroom, Latin Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, Argentinian Tango, and many more on Dubai’s Largest Ballroom Dance floor and Dance studio with the Best coaches and facilities. The highly talented and professional coaches will guide you, take you by the hand, dance with you and share all mysteries of the Dance world.

Discover where your heart dances with Happiness!

 Dancing has many ways of transforming your life style. It can either be maintaining a straight and elegant posture or it can maintain a healthy life and keep your body fat at your targeted weight. Whatever you desire dancing can be impactful for your everyday lifestyle! Palais de Danse has many options available for private, Group Private and group sessions. Join our dance studio to explore the wonders and happiness of dance.