dancing is a sport


Ballroom and Latin Dance is now officially a sport

WDSF has set its aims high and campaigns persistently to bring DanceSport to the future Games of the Olympiad. Through its membership in the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations it is grouped together with the governing bodies of other sports seeking to achieve the same. When golf and rugby were voted for inclusion into the 2016 Olympics by the 121st IOC Session, reaching their ambitious goal was certainly postponed for the other candidates, but it also made a clear statement about the IOC reviewing the Olympic Programme periodically, in earnest and in a fair process.

Olympic Recognition

Today, DanceSport and its governing body are firmly embedded in the structures that constitute world sports. The number of organisations and sporting events that WDSF and DanceSport are associated with has grown even further.



Crown Cup Dubai

February 8th-9th


It was absolutely marvellous performance from Palais de Danse Standard Ballroom team and Latin Ballroom at the Crown Cup, Feb this year; a day full of achievement and positive emotions!

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crown cup barcelona

june 8th


Huge strides on accomplishing our 2nd Crown Cup Appearance around the world. Our Standard and Latin performance was a huge success to us all. With smiles and happiness, we brought back accomplishments, awards and experience back to Dubai.

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