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Belly Dance - perhaps the most delightful combination of dance and fitness; it is the ability to complete control of your body. Good posture, confident and graceful gait, beautiful and flexible body. Oriental dancing will significantly improve the quality of your life, provide you with self-confidence and good mood, especially if you are a fan of oriental culture and music. Main components of oriental dances are beats (sudden movements of the hips) and vibration combined with smooth waves, circles, and eights. Coordination of movements is very important.

Ideally for adult, mature women. Unlike jogging or aerobics, belly dancing is a gentle kind of physical activity. This means that you can perform movements without subjecting your knees, legs and feet to excessive load. This kind of activity helps to form a feminine figure. Since the movements of the hips in this dance are rather complicated from the coordination point of view, the muscles that are not used in the course of regular exercises are working out.

Such physical activity contributes to a healthy pregnancy and facilitates childbirth.

On the other hand, many muscles, such as posterior surface of the thigh, the gluteus, and the triceps practically are not involved here.

History of BELLY DANCE

The first mention of the Oriental dance style can be found in the ancient temples of Egypt, their walls are covered with drawings of dancing people. Similar images were found in Mesopotamia, the most ancient civilization. The age of the frescoes is more than 3000 years. Find the origins and accurate information about the appearance of the dance after three millennia is not possible, which makes the style more mysterious. It is literally shrouded in legends. One of them says that the dance originally served as a ritual and helped ease the birth pangs. A little later, the dance was used in rituals associated with the cult of the Goddess of Fertility. Over time, the style began to change: from a ritual dance, it turned into a folk. Each ethnic group that was part of the region introduced something of its own to the dancers' movements. They are united by two points: the performer is necessarily a woman, the main elements are movements of the hips and abdomen.


Training Options Available

-     Groups - (please, see our Group training schedule) or create your own Private group of friends, choose your own time and day.

-     Private training - one on one with the Instructor.

-     Female Instructor only.

-     Separate cosy studio for private sessions and small groups.


Course Info

There are following Levels of dancing, defining proficiency levels, you can choose from based on your current dance skills:

-     Beginner ( no previous dance experience required)

-     Advanced (after the completion of the Beginner course)


Your skill Level will increase the more you participate in trainings and practise the Dance Sport.

Instructors Available

All our Dance trainers are award winners in their home countries, specialists in 10 dances of International European dance program and other forms of Dance,  will

guide you through a variety of Dance styles and  bring to the heights of the dancing skills. To raise your dancing level to an even Higher standard, Isaia Berardi &

Cinzia Birarelli, multiple International Dance champions , top 10 dancers in the World, mentors of our team, come to Palais de Danse from Italy on a regular basis.


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