Argentinian tango

Adult mature people who already know a lot about themselves and the world come to tango. “Calm masculinity”, “elegant femininity” - this is said about men and women in Argentine tango. And by adjusting themselves “for tango” (including by mastering the technique of dance), men and women truly develop these qualities in themselves. The man leads, the woman follows. To obey, to follow the instructions of a man without feeling slighted at the same time is the main difficulty for modern emancipated women. Finding a partner and losing him with the end of the melody (since changing the partners in tango is an important condition for understanding the essence of the dance) is a lesson as social and psychological as dance. Tango is not just a way to have fun, it, among other things, has great health benefits, both physical and, more importantly in our time, saturated with stress, mental.


Social dance style

argentinian tango

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A deep dive into history

This dance was born at the end of the XIX century, when immigrants from Europe, tormented by hunger and wars, began to arrive in Buenos Aires looking for a happiness and a better life.  And, as a reminder of their homeland, besides musical instruments, they carried with them musical traditions and dances of their countries. Italians, Spanish, Germans, Poles, Africans and other nationalities flooded the rich port city of Latin America, making possible the emergence of tango. Initially, the dance was performed exclusively by men. Women were not allowed to dance. On the one hand, macho showed off in front of each other, on the other - just learned to dance. Later, when the music was filled with accordion sound, girls began to be attracted to dance. In the higher circles of society  tango was  treated disparagingly. But everything had changed in 1912.  Paris, Berlin, London, New York, - tango confidently conquered the world. Passion for Latin American culture led to the emergence of their own, European Tango. Just recently, tango was treated like a retro dance, culture and style, which had long since ended its golden age. But today, tango returns to us at the beginning of the new century in the original style, as it was danced in Argentina.





Argentinian tango Preview